Vote Instructions To vote for SoulSplit, you need to fully vote on all sites that are listed below. Please wait for the voting frame to load, it may take a few seconds to a minute, depends on your connection. After voting, fill in your in-game name and submit.
Vote Rewards After voting for SoulSplit, you will receive 1x Vote Reward Token . When claimed it gives: Non-members: 30 minutes of x2 XP, 10,000 Dungeoneering tokens, 1,000 Loyalty Points, 1 Vote point.
Members: Everything doubled.
Claiming your reward on SoulSplit After filling in your in-game username and submitting the vote, your vote will be automatically assigned in our database under your name. To claim this reward, type ::checkvote in-game or speak to the Ringmaster in Varrock square.
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